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The IRJI François-Rabelais and its six areas of RESEARCH

The Institut de Recherche Juridique Interdisciplinaire François-Rabelais (IRJI François-Rabelais EA 7496) has the acronym: “ IRJI François-Rabelais”. Its office is located at the UFR Faculty of Law, Economics and Social Sciences of the University of Tours.

The Institute of Interdisciplinary Law Research, François-Rabelais (IRJI François-Rabelais) organizes and promotes any research in the fields of private law and criminal science, public law, history of law and judicial institutions, political science and economics. It brings together lecturers-researchers, PhD students, junior researchers and researchers on these subjects, from the University of Tours.

Presentation of the IRJI François-Rabelais Board :

It is made up of:

The members of the IRJI work within a research group (each headed by two group leaders elected by the members sitting on the IRJI Council).
“ Democracy, Freedom and Public Policies”  (co-chairs elected on 29 March 2021 and on 18 December 2019)  “Markets and business”

“Norms and Institutions in Europe” (co-chair elected on 30 June 2016) “Procedures”(co-chairs elected on 12 November 2019)
“Liabilities” “Territory, Town Planning, Real Estate” One representative of each academic discipline (CNU) which is not represented among the directors and research group leaders; Of two representatives of the PhD students; Of the associate researchers ;
* documentary resources : * European and international cooperation: * PhD supervision and young post-doctoral researchers: - administrative staff assigned to the IRJI François-Rabelais.