Markets and business

Broadly speaking, a market can be understood as a space without internal borders. Once its existence has been established and its influence defined, attention is focused on the types of exchange that it accepts (commercial, financial, national, European, international), their instruments and their regulation. This leads to an interest in everything that circulates freely: goods, services, capital, but also people (employees or ordinary citizens). It also invites study into the companies, which are its actors, into competition law (internal, European, international) and distribution, into companies in difficulty, contracts, public procurement, labour, etc. The globalization of law and the economy, and the economic and financial crisis, calls for a rethink, not only of economic and legal relationships between business and markets, but also of the impact of this development on law and the institutions of national, private, public, European and international law. This research area, therefore, opens up perspectives for legal, economic, sociological and historical work of a transversal and multidisciplinary nature.

This research group is an extension of several Masters degrees: Master’s in business law (MAJE), international business law, European law, as well as, in part, the Masters in counselling and litigation (counselling in private and public business law, economic litigation).