Territory, Town Planning, Real Estate

This theme is centered on the notion of territory and all the questions related to the occupation of space: town planning, development, housing, land, environment, construction and building management... It looks into issues such as the identification of the actors involved and the tools they use, as well as analyzing the various national, European and international legal instruments likely to be implemented in this framework, such as easements, and other planning documents and responsibilities....

This theme also includes study into the life, organization and administration of these territories in terms of local action. The aim here is to analyse decentralization and more particularly the administrative and financial management of local and inter-communal authorities, local policies, local public services, etc., which support local public action.

The aim of this research group is not only to bring together researchers in private and public law, but also to encourage cooperation with other groups, in particular with geographers and planners who already cooperate within four Masters programs: Building Promotion and Management (PGI), Land Management and Urban Planning (MTU), Environment, Territory and Landscape (ETP) and Local Authority Administration (ACL). Applied research through contacts with public and private players in the construction, development and environmental sectors (local authorities, social landlords, town planning agencies, consultancy firms, etc.) will be developed.