Thèses en cours

ABANDA Raymond, Plaidoyer pour un Système de Protection Sociale en Droit Camerounais. Thèse dirigée par Julien BOURDOISEAU et Jacqueline KOM (17/11/20)
ABU SEIF Yuzar, Migrants and asylum seekers at the European Court of Human Rights, Supervisor: Professor Abdelkhaleq BERRAMDANE (18/11/14)
ADEOSSI Adechinan, The organization of time in comparative French and Beninese criminal proceedings. PhD co-supervised by Professors François FOURMENT and Eric Codjo MONTCHO AGBASSA (11/10/17)
ALMUTAIRI Abdulrahman Ghazi, Monetary uncertainty – A French-Saudi Arabian comparative law study, Supervisor: Professor Nicolas CAYROL (20/01/15)
ALSGHAYIR Ala Abulkasim, The European Union and the Libyan crisis. Supervisor: Professor Abdelkhaleq BERRAMDANE (11/12/17)
ANDAGUI OLENDE DasternObtaining confessions through ill-treatment: A comparative study of French and Gabonese law, PhD co-supervised by Professors François FOURMENT  and Charles MBA OWONO (28/11/18)
ANIAMBOSSOU Cossi Dorothé, The civil liability of the veterinarian, Supervisor: Professor Aline VIGNON-BARRAULT (15/12/12)
APPERT ClémenceThe Office of the Judge of Appeal for Administrative Disputes, Supervisor: Professor Benjamin Defoort (20/09/18)
AUBELLE Vincent, Does the new commune form the basis of a new territorial architecture? Supervisor: Professor Pierre-Yves MONJAL (03/01/17)
AYASSOU Madji, Local authorities and innovations. Supervisor: Patrick MOZOL Associate Professor (09/01/17)
BALTZINGER Cyrielle, Real estate sales and soil pollution, Supervisor: Damien THIERRY, Associate Professor (04/12/17)
BENOIT ISART Pauline, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics in Health, Supervisor: Farida ARHAB-GIRARDIN,Associate Professor (30/10/18)
BRAIK Yani, The legal security of the contributor, Supervisor: Julien BOURDOISEAU, Associate Professor (07/12/15)
BROSSET BRIAND Marion, Public order and competition. Supervisor: Professor François BRUNET (03/10/16)
BROU Akassi, Formalism in real estate matters. Supervisor: Professor Nicolas CAYROL (27/11/14)
BUI Huong Giang, The conflicts in the South China Sea. The case of Vietnam in relation to the claims of other states in the region. Supervisor: Professor Nathalie ROS (21/11/17)
CHAUSFOIN Antoine, Real Estate Property Division. Supervisor: Professor Yannick TREMORIN (23/09/13)
COTTAZ MélanieThe notion of contractual balance in the light of the law of obligations reform, Supervisor: Professor Hadi SLIM (30/09/19)
CRINON Antonin, Precariousness and law: research on the construction of a legal concept. Supervisor: Professor Diane ROMAN (01/10/15)
DAMBABA Mohamed Sanguir, Parliamentary oversight of government action in Africa: the cases of Benin, Senegal and Togo. PhD co-supervised by Pierre MOUZET (Associate Professor Ibrahim SALAMI ) (24/11/15)
DE MOURA COSTA VARGES LOPES ThuanyCultural recognition of social groups and the importance of democracy at the local level as transforming elements of socio-environmental injustices, Co-supervisors: Associate Professor and Patrick MOZOL Associate Professor Damien THIERRY, Associate Professor (20/02/20)
DELACOURE Elodie, Reflections on the separation of judicial functions in criminal proceedings. Supervisor: Professor François FOURMENT (20/09/16)
DEVENEY Killian, La nécessité en droit administratif. Thèse dirigée par le Professeur François BRUNET (01/10/20) 
DIALLO HarounaUnited Nations peacebuilding in a post-conflict situation. The DDR process in Mali and ex-combatants, Supervisor: Nathalie DUCLOS, Associate Professor (24/01/19)
DIEU ErwanFrom Recidivism Prevention to Desistance: A Criminal Science Study of Correctional Practices, PhD co-supervised by Véronique TELLIER-CAYROL, Associate Professor and Professor Nicolas COMBALBERT (05/12/18)
DJAITO Codjo AdjeodaSurety bonds in French law and within the OHADA area: comparative study and developments, thèse dirigée par le Professeur Frédéric DANOS (07/12/18)
DOGAN-YILMAZ Humeyra, The Gender criticism of the asylum-seeking regimes of Turkey and its place in internatioal law. Thèse dirigée par la Professeure Diane ROMAN (20/07/17)
DOUADJIA MenadReal estate advice, Supervisor: Professor Claude OPHÈLE (17/10/18)
DU Sinan, Surveys of peri-urban areas to rebuild Chinese cities, Supervisor: Didier BOUTET, Associate Professor (27/10/14)
DUBREUIL Sébastien,Transposition of French criminal law in the Far East (1850-1930), Supervisor: Professor Alexandre DEROCHE (04/12/19)
DUPREZ Richard, Legal protection of communication protocols. Supervisor: Professor François-Xavier TESTU (29/10/15)
EL AOUADI Hayet, Le régime juridique de l'arbitrage international intéressant les personnes publiques. Thèse dirigée par le Professeur Hadi SLIM (07/12/20)
EMOU MarinoFrench Cooperation institutions in Côte d'Ivoire from independence 1960-2000,Supervisor: Professor Alexandre DEROCHE (17/09/19)
EMTAWBEL Seda, Transitional justice in the Arab world, Supervisor: Isabelle HANNEQUART, Associate Professor (30/09/14)
ES-SAMTI Hassan, Abus de biens sociaux au 19ème siècle : de la genèse à l’incrimination. Thèse dirigée par le Professeur Alexandre DEROCHE (10/12/20)
FILLET Geoffrey, Constitutional conventions in French law. Supervisor: Pierre MOUZET Associate Professor (21/11/17)
FONTAINE FrançoisCivil liability in triangular labour relationships, Supervisor: Professor Olivia SABARD (24/10/18)
GAUTHIER PascalPatient’s right to have his or her will respected, Supervisor: Farida ARHAB-GIRARDIN, Associate Professor (03/12/19)
GOMEZ Henri, Judicialization of the actions of the French armed forces in external operations, Supervisor: Professor François FOURMENT (04/12/18)
HEMA Maïghin Gwladys, Exploitation of natural resources and the right to an adequate standard of living in French-speaking West Africa. Supervisor: Isabelle HANNEQUART Associate Professor (09/10/15)
HERMAND Thomas, Assizes Court: between oral debates and judicial writings. Supervisor: Professor François FOURMENT (26/11/15)
HIOL Stéphanie, Court of Justice and Council of State: a dialogue between judges? Supervisor: Professor Pierre-Yves MONJAL (06/01/17)
HORLAVILLE Clotilde Value in public law, Supervisor: Professor François Brunet (04/10/18)
HUNAULT Nicolas, Personal injury, Supervisor: Julien BOURDOISEAU, Associate Professor (23/11/17)
JONES BenjaminFairness in sports competitions and the European sport model: Study of legal measures to ensure competitive balance in professional sports, Supervisor: Professor Nathalie ROS (29/01/20)
KADJIKA Essoham, The Local Finance Committee. Supervisor: Pierre MOUZET Associate Professor (29/09/17)
KEKE Sakre, Strengthening participatory democracy through the protection of digital personal data.. Comparative study France - Côte d'Ivoire. Supervisor: Patrick MOZOL (09/11/17)
KERROUMI Nezha, Consumer protection of banking and financial services under French and Moroccan law. Supervisor: Professor Nicolas CAYROL (05/12/14)
KHAFIF AnassThe law of economic regulation (comparative research on the relationship between the state and the economy - cases of Morocco and France), Supervisor: Professors Pierre-Yves MONJAL and David MELLONI(28/09/15)
KOUASSI Kouakou Samuel, The legal profession in France and European Union law. Supervisor: Professor Sébastien ROLAND (17/01/18)
KPANOUGOU Dihigbamba,Equality of creditors in French and OHADA collective procedures: between capitalist purpose and social imperative, Supervisor: Professor Nicolas CAYROL (09/12/19)
LAURENT ThomasEssay on Ageing in Health Economics, thèse Co-supervisors: Professors Pascal FAVARD et Lilliane BONNAL (21/01/20)
LENOBLE Theo, Égalité et inclusion en droit du handicap. Thèse dirigée par le Professeur Nicolas CAYROL (10/12/20)
MACÉ MarionPublic Real Estate management: towards a public real estate law?, Supervisor: Patrick MOZOL, Associate Professor (02/12/19)
MADI Saidali, Challenges and prospects for intermunicipal cooperation in the department of Mayotte, Supervisor: Corinne TOURET, Associate Professor (21/11/17)
MARIAM Mahamat AdjidSecurity interests in Ohada law and banking, Co-supervisors: Professors Hadi SLIM andFrédéric DANOS (04/12/19)
MASQUILIER Ariane, Public Service and the Principle of Non-Discrimination (Franco-Canadian Comparative Law Research), Supervisor: Professor Diane ROMAN (29/10/18)
MESSIGA Kokougan, The international responsibility of Sea States. Supervisor: Professor Nathalie ROS (22/11/16)
NAZZAL SamGeopolitics of Blackmail or the Impact of Regional and International Political and Economic Blackmail on the Palestinian Problem, Supervisor: Professor Pierre-Yves MONJAL (30/10/2018)
NIVERT AlexandreDe facto contract, Supervisor: Professor Fabrice LEDUC (20/09/19)
NTOUTOUME MINTOGUE Jacinthe, The specialities of French customs criminal law. Supervisor: Véronique TELLIER-CAYROL (13/02/17)
PAKHOMOFF Natacha, Essay on a general theory of collective properties. Supervisor: Professor Frédéric DANOS (11/10/17)
PAOLANTONACCI Marion, Good Faith in Contract Law Reform, Supervisor: Professor Claude OPHÈLE (07/12/16)
PLANTINET LucasChanges in public action, Supervisor: Professor François Fourment (16/09/19)
POUFON Hamidou, Impact des dépenses publiques sur la réduction de la pauvreté en Afrique Subsaharienne - Le cas du Nigeria. Thèse dirigée par Christine FAUVELLE-AYMAR (09/12/20)
RAMEL Magali, The right to food in the European Union. Supervisor: Professor Diane ROMAN ( 06/10/14)
ROSSETTO Claire, Le service gratuit. Thèse dirigée par le Professeur Fabrice LEDUC (25/09/14)
SEGHOUR Sarah, La subordination de l'expression de l'agent public au principe de neutralité du service public. Thèse dirigée par le Professeur Emmanuel AUBIN (07/12/20) 
SILBERMAN Eric, Cannibalism in criminal law. PhD co-supervised by Professor Claude OPHELE-ROSSETTO (Associate Professor: Véronique TELLIER-CAYROL)( 06/01/15)
STIEN ArnaudFinancial Intelligence Units, Supervisor: Professor Olivier CAHN (10/10/16) année de césure.
THIBAUDEAU BenjaminForensic evidence, Supervisor: Professor Olivier CAHN (10/10/16)
THUILLIER THOMAS, Public law on natural disasters, PhD co-supervised by Professor Nathalie ALBERT and Corinne MANSON, Associate Professor (29/09/14)
TULASNE Camille, Trouver l'équilibre entre les intérêts légitimes des entreprises et les droits fondamentaux des individus dans un monde numérique, Thèse dirigée par le Professeur Sébastien ROLAND (21/09/20)
TULASNE Camille, Trouver l'équilibre entre les intérêts légitimes des entreprises et les droits fondamentaux des individus dans un monde numérique, Thèse dirigée par le Professeur Sébastien ROLAND (21/09/20)
VODOPLAV Matija, Investment facilitation in the area of financial markets: a study on the new generation of free trade agreements.Supervisor: Professor Pierre-Yves MONJAL (08/12/16)
VOLKOV AnastasiaThe Economic Partnership Agreement between the European Union and Japan. Contribution to a general theory of new generation agreements concluded by the European Union: the example of Japan, Supervisor: Professor Pierre-Yves MONJAL (22/10/19) YALCIN Levent, Freedom of expression of minorities in Turkey and the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms, Supervisor: Professor Olivier CAHN (10/11/15)
YALCIN Levent, Freedom of expression of minorities in Turkey and the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms, Supervisor: Professor Olivier CAHN (10/11/15)
YAMBA TAMBIKISSA Ines, The authority of res judicata in criminal proceedings over the labour court, Supervisor: Véronique TELLIER-CAYROL, Associate Professor (21/11/17)