Research Programs

Current Research Programs


WATER-PONDI (Water Risk Assessment in Pondichéry)

Financement : Région Centre, APR 2017-2022
IRJI person in charge: Christine FAUVELLE-AYMAR. Project leader: University of Tours GEHCO, partners LEO, CITERES, and BRGM Orléans


Funding: AP MSH Val de Loire AP 2019-2020
In charge for IRJI: Pierre-Yves MONJAL (Prof.) Abdelkhaleq BERRAMDANE (Professor emeritus).

The treatment of juvenile offenders and its effectiveness on the reoffending rate. Orléans-Tours regional study.

Funding: Région Centre APR IA 2019, DOREMI.
In charge for IRJI: Delphine THOMAS-TAILLANDIER (Senior Lecturer) and Véronique TELLIER-CAYROL (Associate Prof.).

Research project QPC 2020.

Funding: Constitutional Council.
In charge for IRJI: Véronique TELLIER-CAYROL (Associate Prof.).

Anglo-American Neoliberalism in the 1980s: Construction, Evolution and Transmission of a Paradigm/Model.

Funding: Transversal Research Actions, PA 2019.
In charge for IRJI: Nathalie LEVY (Senior Lecturer).

Finished Research Programs

SEPage (Strategies for the transmission of Farms and Professional Practices in Viticulture)

Funding: Central Region, APR 2016- 2020
In charge for the IRJI: Professor Abdelkhaleq BERRAMDANE Professor emeritus), Alexandre DEROCHE (Professor) and Fabienne LABELLE (Senior Lecturer). Coordinator: Françoise SITNIKOFF (Senior Lecturer).

MUT-MONDIALIZATION (Future of Globalization)

Funding: Central Region, APR 2015-2019
IRJI person in charge: Professor Pierre-Yves MONJAL. LEO Orléans (Professor Daniel MIRZA – Lead laboratory). SEPage (Strategies for the transmission of Farms and Professional Practices in Viticulture)

CHAMBORD (Touristic Promotion of heritage and landscape)

Funding: Central Region, APR 2014-2019
IRJI person in charge: Véronique TELLIER-CAYROL. Project leader: Professor Stéphane ONNÉE (Vallorem Laboratory). Partners: University of Orleans (CRJ Pothier, Pollen, Fédération Gaston Berger), + CESR of Tours.

VITI-TERROIR (Simulation of the spatial dynamics of the Loire wine-growing areas)

Funding: Central Region, RPA 2013- 2019
IRJI person in charge: Professor Abdelkhaleq BERRAMDANE. Project leader: Samuel LETURCQ.

Chair of Excellence Jean Monnet

Chairholder: Professor Pierre-Yves MONJAL 2015-2018